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Five Lafayette softball players are headed to Taiwan next Sunday

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information. 3>> five lafayette girls are one week away from a softball tournament in taiwan. they’ll compete against other teams across the 18’s jenna liston joins us with the story of their journey.jenna? >>sam, these young ladies have been hand selected as some of the best players in indiana. for some of them, this will be their first time traveling outside of the country. #@it’s the experience of a lifetime.(vo): it’s getting real, weve got one week.16 indiana women will fly to taiwan to compete against teams from around the world. owner of accelerated fastpitch audra may is proud.(sot)”it’s a very humbling experience that we get to take our athletes with us over there.” softball one and accelerated fastpitch partnered together to recruit athletes they have trained before.the connection to taiwan comes from one of the coaches laview wen. she’s a former taiwan olympic softball player. coach cara johnson says they’ve been preparing for months.(sot)”i believed we recieved it in october and here we go we are leaving next sunday.”this is their third invitation to the country over the last decade. and 5 players from lafayette schools are on the team. (vo)”are you excited lindsey?” first baseman, lindsey long is ready to go.(sot)”i’m really excited about being in another country being able to play international teams and just meeting new people.”emiliee cox, jenna breedlove, kenzie rusk and catherine ingle will also be joining the team week. . they say the thought of playing professionally is by stealing one base at a time. “we want to start college but we’ll see where it goes from there.”for now though.these athletes will continue to as a team.and cheer on work as a team. practice.will continue to as a team. 3and ch victory.@#>> the team hopes to have their games broadcasted live on facebook but will be posting the games to their youtube channel for fans to watch

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